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Award winning, contemporary performance coaching studio for children, building confidence & creativity through performance & competitions.


Upstage Concepts offers weekly acting and public speaking classes, vocal (singing) classes, modelling and etiquette classes taught by various professional coaches. We prepare our students for competitions, casting and audition opportunities.


At Upstage Concepts we focus on competition work and participate in the following:


  1. South African Championships of Performing Arts

  2. Kids and Youth Talent Festival

  3. National Eisteddfod of South Africa

  4. World Championships of Performing Arts


Competition training includes all aspects of preparation of items, from script or song selection, to final presentation. Competition training takes place outside of normal weekly lessons and further information regarding the specific competitions is handed out at relevant times throughout the year.


Why do we do competitions instead of exams? In our experience, the benefit of drama, vocal and modelling performances far outweighs the benefit of exams. This is not always the case in performing arts - sometimes in dance and instruments examinations can be very effective and essential. Our children are continually assessed in the school system, and the experience of performance and having people applaud them and recognize their talent is far more enjoyable than a closed room examination. The TV and film industry, as well as contemporary music industry, do not require formal examinations for their success. In addition, our children are entering a very competitive world when they complete their schooling, and even more so, a competitive industry if they choose the arts. Students who have developed a competitive spirit and the ability to perform under pressure, stand a far better chance of success in both the industry and the world at large.


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Lucy Jansen

My children attended Upstage Concepts for many years, Jill just has an incredible gift, for not only spotting talent, but for embracing each and every student she teaches, and empowering them with self confidence.

I attended Upstage Concepts for many years and it is absolutely the best performance coaching studio out there. I have know Jill Avis since I was a child and she is the most professional and experienced acting coach I’ve ever known. The quality of training is phenomenal and I have had tremendous success across various competitions that Upstage has trained me for. The environment and friends made at Upstage is truly special and the skills I learnt I have used in life in general.

Bjorn Bertholdt

Nicole Daubern


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Jane Corrigan

Facebook review

Upstage concepts has turned my son from a shy introvert to a young teenager who has been a guest speaker for the Sandton Toastmasters at the age of 10. Won numerous medals at the South African championships of Performing Arts. Competed and won the most prestigious medal at the World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles. Ranked 4th in Gauteng last year in Eisteddfod. Through his many achievements he has been invited to perform in many theatres to thousands of people.

The coaching at Upstage has been life changing for my son Cameron and doors continue to open.

My daughter Tayla has been doing since she was 9 years old.  Tayla is mildly disabled because she is cerebral palsy.  This prevents her from doing  normal school sports, so drama has become her sport.  Tayla has competed in many Eisteddfods, at SA Championships and World Champs Championships where she has won many prestigious awards and medals.  She has excelled in public speaking and drama beyond all expectations.  None of this would have been posible without the love, nurturing and dedication  of Jill Avis and her team at Upstage Concepts.

Jacqui Robus

Facebook review

When you're not sporty life can be tough as a young person but Upstage has given Jess a focus, a passion and a team to be part of. Over the past 6 years she's participated in a number of Eisteddfods & SA Champs competitions and comes away from them energised and more confident. She also LOVES the weekly drama classes which are full of fun and spontaneity. Despite being an introvert she's so comfortable on stage. Thank you Upstage, we appreciate you!

Charmaine McGinley

Facebook review

Upstage Concepts is second to none. This loving, local studio offers the technique, culture and professionalism that can rival any in the world, while maintaining a charm, creativity and the personal touch here in our own neighbourhood, Dainfern.

Thank you for going beyond the call of duty for Teagan's audition today.


The place where my child is allowed and encouraged to be, where her God given talents are embraced, polished and showcased 🙏🏾 ❤️

Taylor Storm

Facebook review

Tracy Daubern

Facebook review

Would recommend this business in a heartbeat. So much fun but invaluable life skills. ❤️💛💚💙💜



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